Plantronics RD-1 EHS Adapter For Shortel / Toshiba

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This is the Plantronics RD-1 EHS cable for for remote desk phone call control (answer/end).


It is compatible with the Plantronics Wireless headsets:

Plantronics CS540, CS510, CS520, CS530, Savi WO100, Savi WO200, Savi WO300, Savi WO350 , Savi W740, Savi W710, Savi W720, Savi W730 , Savi W745, Voyager Legend CS, MDA200 USB, MDA220 USB


The EHS cable compatible with the following phone:


Shortel  IP 212K, IP 230, IP 265, IP 480, IP 480G, IP 485G, IP 560, IP 560G, IP 565G, IP655



Toshiba  IPT 2008-SDL, IPT 2010-SD, IPT 2020-SD, DP 5118-DP, DP 5130-SDL, DP 5X22-SD, DP 5X32-SD







1 Year Warranty



Shortel Setup Guide:



Toshiba Setup Guide: