Max Wireless Conference Phone

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Tabletop conferencing – industry-leading conferencing audio without wires


The industry’s first wireless, tabletop conference phone, the MAX® Wireless system can turn any room into a conference room. The wireless capabilities entail far more than a clean look; providing the freedom to take the conference with you from room to room, with secure, encrypted transmissions.


Powerful  HDConference® processing provides the crisp, clean audio you expect from ClearOne, in a professional conferencing system that can move from the executive office to small conference room with ease.


* Unsurpassed audio clarity

* ClearOne’s, market-leading, HDConference® audio technology


* Proprietary echo and noise cancellation algorithms prevent distracting audio


* Full-duplex audio means no cutting in and out


* Automatic gain and level controls adjust mic and speaker levels automatically


* First-mic priority intelligently focuses mic levels based on who is speaking


* Adaptive modeling-continuously samples room acoustics for any changes

* Three built-in microphones array with 360° audio pickup up to 12 feet

* Large loudspeaker for rich, clear conferencing or audio playback


* Ease of use

* Easy set up and operation with analog telephone jack and base station


* Industry-leading technology

* 64-bit encrypted communication — ensures secure conferencing

* 150-foot signal range — use in multiple rooms without moving the base station


* 12-hour battery life — conduct lengthy conferences without recharging





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