LifeCam Studio

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LifeCam Studio Gets You The Closet To Being There


Enjoy a superior HD video quality with the LifeCam Studio, which includes a 1080p HD sensor. But great video is about more than HD. Keep your subject crisp with autofocus, from four inches to infinity. Shoot with great accuracy in wide angle with the LifeCam precision glass element lens. And, to make filming even easier, LifeCam features TrueColor Technology, which means your video remains bright and colorful in virtually all light conditions. Use the built-in High-Fidelity Microphone to bring it all together: the vivid sights, colors, and sounds of real life.




1. 1080p HD sensor


2. 720p HD video chat


3. High-precision glass element lens


4. TrueColor technology with face tracking


5. Certified for Skype


6. Skype for Business


7.Dimensions: Length: 4.45" / 113mm; Width: 1.57" /  40mm


8. Wideband microphone for premium sound recording


9. 360-degree rotation


10. Tripod mount


11. Auto focus


12. Wide-angle lens


13. Three years warranty