Plantronics Circumaural Leather Ear Cushions

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This is a package with one pair (2) Plantronics leatherette circumaural ear cushions for use with H251H251NHW251NH261H261NHW261N headsets as well as the Polaris P251P251NP261P261N  models only..  also compable with these Plantronics models Plantronics HW510Plantronics HW510V ,  Plantronics HW520 , Plantronics HW520V. These ear cushions snaps onto the speaker of the SupraPlus, the leather cushions surrounds your ear, sealing off the background noise much better than the original foam earh cushions that came with the headset.

Key Features:

* Circumaural design surrounds the entire ear for better noise reduction around the ear

* Package includes two (2) ear cushions

* Designed for high noise environments or hearing impaired

* Measurements: 3" x 4"