HSM Securio B34 (1.9x15mm)

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Mobile, very high performance model for deskside use. Shreds credit and store cards with ease as well as CDs in security levels 2 and 3 (details see below). Folding safety element, in the security levels 2 and 3 with infeed slot for CDs. Multi-function operating button and reversing button. Auto-reverse in the event of a paper jam. Economic energy management (EMCS). Quiet operating sound. Filling level display through inspection window. With removable, reusable waste bag. Special CD waste bag for correctly sorted separation of the shredded material. Made in Germany.




* Cutting style: cross cut


* Cutting size: 1.9x15mm 


* Data security level: 4


* Max. cutting capacity per run (A4, 70g): 13- 14 sheets


* Cutting speed: 90mm/sec


* Loading width: 310mm


* Capacity: 100 Litre


* Automatic start/stop control via photo electric cell 


* can shred credit card 


* Standby operation without energy consumption


* Automatic stop when container is full, has been opened or removed


* Integrated container can be tilted and used as paper bin


* Dimension: W543 x D440 x H845mm


* Weight: 35 Kg