Call for Price

Adopting revolutionary technologies can be a double edged sword. On one hand, you have compelling new benefi ts and economies afforded by the new technology, while on the other hand you have an existing investment in legacy technology that you may not be ready to retire.

Vidyo understands that a fl ash cut from “old” to “new” is typically not practical and that there is need for your new VidyoRouter™ based personal telepresence solution to interoperate with your existing H.323 and SIP based videoconferencing equipment. The VidyoGateway provides the migration path you need. You can retain the use of your legacy room systems and MCUs and let them interoperate with your VidyoConferencing™ future. Like VidyoRooms™, calls through the VidyoGateway™ do not consume VidyoLine™ licenses, making integration with legacy endpoints not only easy, but affordable.

The VidyoGateway appliance connects to legacy videoconferencing endpoints and MCUs such as Polycom and Tandberg, and enables them to interoperate with Vidyo’s breakthrough architecture. The VidyoGateway supports both H.264 and H.263 video conferencing using SIP and H.323 signaling as well as H.239 data sharing.

There are two models of the VidyoGateway to help optimize price per H.323 or SIP port based upon deployment confi guration and capacity requirements.


Product Features

~ Extend existing room system deployments to the desktop

~ Protects H.323 & SIP endpoint investment while migrating to next generation architecture

~ Connects VidyoConferencing to legacy MCUs

~ Eliminates need for expensive QoS networks between remote locations for legacy room systems when Vidyo Gateway is provisioned on the same LAN

~ Facilitates data sharing with legacy endpoints via H.239


Product Specification

Protocols & Standards
~ H.323 and SIP (signaling)
~ H.239 (data sharing)
~ G.711, G.722 (audio)
~ H.264 SVC, H.264/AVC up to HD, H.263 (video)




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