Plantronics RD-1 EHS Adapter For Shortel / Toshiba

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The Plantronics RD-1 POD is designed for use with phones that also support native “load detect” (LD) headset hookswitch (EHS) control and works with Plantronics CS50, CS55, CS70N, and Voyager 510S, CS351 wireless headset families**. Once connected, the RD-1 POD will send a ringer alert signal to the headset anytime the phone rings, anywhere within a headset’s wireless range. LD hookswitch control, for telephones that support it, enables on/off-hook functions directly from the headset using the headset’s Call Control button so calls can be answered and ended remotely from the headset.


**It's also compatible with the new Plantronics Wireless headsets:


Plantronics CS540, CS510, CS520 , Plantronics Savi WO100, Plantronics Savi WO200, Plantronics Savi WO300 Plantronics Savi WO350 , Plantronics Savi W740, Plantronics Savi W710 , Plantronics Savi W720 , Plantronics Savi W730 , Plantronics Savi W745




* Use the RD-1 with ShoreTel phones that support native "lead detect" (LD) headset hookswitch control (must be software version 7.0 or higher and set auto off-hook to wireless headset)



* If using software version 7.0 or higher, the RD-1 is compatible with the following ShoreTel IP phones and will not need an HL10 handset lifter for remote "hook switch": IP 212K, IP 230 (newer models only, date code must end in "GE" or "-03" or higher), IP 230g, IP 265, IP 560 (newer models only, date code must end in "GE" or "-03" or higher), IP 560G, and IP 565G.



* ShoreTel IP 110, IP 115, IP 210  older 230 and older 560 require the HL10 handset lifter instead of the ring sensor



* Also Compatible with Allworx (firmware 7.1 or higher) & Adtran phones



* Also compatible Toshiba phones are those with an HHEU headset adapter installed. Toshiba IPT2008-SDL, IPT2010-SD, IPT2020-SD, DP5000-Series Strata CIX Phone (DP5008, DP5018-S, DP5022, DP5022-SD, DP5023-SD, DP5018-S, DP5032, DSP-5118-DP, DP5122-SD, DP5130, DP5132-SD)



* 3.5mm plug inserts into bottom of Plantronics wireless headset charging base



* Ring sensor has peel stick which sticks onto the phone near the speaker to sense the ring tone when someone is calling



* Once connected, the RD-1 will send a ringer alert signal to the headset any time the phone rings, anywhere within a headset's wireless range



* Upon hearing the signal, the headset wearer presses the call control talk button on the headset to answer the call remotely



* Approximately 16" long



* 3.5mm port located on the inline box allows you to plug in an optional Plantronics Online Indicator Light (OLI) to signal to others you are busy on a call







1 Year Warranty



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