Philips LFH5282 SpeechMike Classic Barcode Scanner Plus

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SpeechMike Barcode - Scan patient or client information and link it to your dictation

The redesigned SpeechMike Classic now includes an integrated barcode scanner that swiftly retrieves patient or client identification information simply by scanning a barcode. The scanned information is automatically attached to the patient or client dictation, streamlining the documentation process.

By automatically scanning in patient or client data, all identifying information is entered accurately, increasing security and cost saving potential.

The barcode scanner has a new, adjustable scanner, allowing it to be set to two scanning positions. The SpeechMike Barcode marries all of the
benefits of the versatile new SpeechMike with the functionality of a barcode scanner.


Key benefits of SpeechMike

* The new SpeechMikeClassic Plus BC is an ergonomic, PC-connected handheld device for PC dictation with an integrated barcode scanner

* Larger buttons with tactile feedback

* Ergonomic design is suitable for both right- and left-handed users

* Four function “zones” allow single-handed operation of PC, plus all recording, playback and editing functions

* 4-Position Slide Switch, scroll wheel and dust-proof optical trackball for dictation control and PC navigation

* Four programmable function keys give full individual customization options

* End-of-letter, insert/overwrite and spoken instructions buttons

* Large record and record pause LEDs; improved microphone sensitivity range

* Superb sound quality – ideal for speech recognition

* All buttons are fully programmable and re-mapable

* Two programmable trigger-style touch buttons on the rear of the unit

* Smaller, lighter, slimmer profile

* New adjustable volume control during playback via the scroll wheel

* “On air” style recording mode LED with different color LEDs to indicate overwrite and insert modes


Key benefits of Barcode Scanner

* Scan directly into pre-defined fields for easy and accurate retrieval of barcode information

* Documentation accuracy is increased when barcode information is scanned directly into the file

* Ergonomic trigger-style button on back of device activates scanner

* Adjustable scan angle of up to 25° for handling convenience

* Reads barcodes up to 10” away

* Seamlessly integrates with workflow systems such as radiology information systems, hospital information systems or legal case management systems


Package contents

* SpeechMike Barcode 5282

* Hanging Bracket

* Driver and utility software CD