Philips LFH730D Desktop Dictation System

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Simply working smarter - with Philips dictation solutions

The dictation system 730 is designed for user-friendly professional-quality dictation.All major dictation functions can be controlled with one hand. The secret of the dictation system 730 is its easy and fast access to any part of the tape. It offers efficient dictation and transcription, thanks to the visual workflow display. Your recordings can be identified and located easily based on their priority and length.

Enhance your productivity

* Auto rewind for fast return to the beginning of the tape

* Search forward and skip functions for quick access to the start of the next recording

* Audible scan for monitoring fast forward and rewind

* Can be used as both a dictation and transcription machine with additional accessories

Superior audio quality

* Tone, speed and volume controls for crystal clear playback at all times

* High-quality microphone for superb recording quality

* Integrated speaker ensuring crystal clear playback

* Adjustable microphone sensitivity for better sound quality

Designed for professionals

* Workflow display for showing important information at a glance

* Handheld microphone with ergonomic slide switch for efficient one-thumb operation

* Record protection for saving valuable dictations

* Turbo wind for fast access to any part of the tape


Package contents

* Dictation and transcription machine LFH0730

* Mini cassette LFH0005

* Microphone LFH0276

* Power supply LFH0155

* Microphone holder



* Philips headphones LFH0234

* Philips meeting microphone LFH9172

* Philips foot pedal LFH2210