VidyoRoom HD 100 Endpoint Bundle - with camera and speakerphone

Call for Price

You could pay more for lesser performing HD room systems on legacy infrastructure, but why would you? The VidyoRoom HD-100 delivers value and performance. No more lost time in making complicated connections or waiting for IT support to start the conference!

The VidyoRoom HD-100’s intuitive user interface makes starting a conference as easy as pressing a button. Once that button is pressed, you and your conference participants will enjoy the natural, same-room feel and interactivity made possible by crisp, 720p 30 FPS video with imperceptible latency. In addition to displaying data and video on separate screens, you’ll be able to choose between active speaker and continuous presence layouts, independently of all other participants, via a click of a button.

Since a VidyoRoom does not consume VidyoLine™ licenses, the cost of deploying the VidyoRoom HD-100 as part of a vidyoConferencing™ solution is limited to the room system itself. And more significant than the equipment cost savings, your operating budget will get some welcomed relief since the VidyoRoom HD-100 is designed to work over converged IP networks and the Internet – no QoS required.

Welcome to the way telepresence was meant to be. The VidyoRoom HD-100 is affordable, simple to use, easy to configure and delivers amazing performance thanks to the VidyoRouter™ architecture. Like all VidyoRoom products, the VidyoRoom HD-100 interoperates seamlessly with VidyoDesktop™ clients, and with legacy H.264-based H.323 and SIP endpoints via the VidyoGateway™, making it possible to connect with anyone, anywhere using equipment they already have.


Product Specification

Video Standards
~ H.264 SVC
~ H.264 AVC, H.263+ via the VidyoGateway

Video Performance
~ Transmit resolution & frame rate at minimum bit rate
   - HD 720p @ 30 fps @ 1Mbps min.
   - 540p @ 30 fps @ 512Kbps min.
   - 360p @ 30 fps @ 512 Kbps min.
~ Receive resolution & frame rate at minimum bit rate
   - HD 1080p @ 30 fps @ 2Mbps min.
   - HD 720p @30 fps @ 1Mbps min.
~ Data sharing video resolution
   - Up to WXGA (fitted to screen resolution)

Maximum Data Rate
~ 2 Mbps

Audio Standards
~ SPEEX Wideband 32KHz (16KHz audio)
~ G.711 (A-, μ -Law), G.722, via VidyoGateway

Language Support
~ English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

~ Single-screen modes
   - Participants’ video is spread evenly on the screen
   - Preferred larger voice-activated speaker (N+1 layout where N=up to 8 participants + 1 self view)
~ Dual-screen mode
   - Data full screen on second screen
~ Aspect ratio
   - Full-screen, 16:9 aspect ratio


Bundle Packages

~ VidyoRoom HD100

~ SONY Camera

~ ClearOne Chat 150

~ Screen Share Device


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