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At the heart of the VidyoConferencing system is the VidyoRouter appliance, a new paradigm for multiparty conferencing, that eliminates the need for the Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) required in traditional video conferencing systems. The VidyoRouter is the keystone in this major architectural change for video conferencing.

VidyoConferencing was designed for general purpose IP networks. Encoding and decoding occurs only at the endpoints — leaving just video packet routing to be accomplished within the network itself. Vidyo’s intelligent VidyoRouter ensures that this packet-switching is handled with optimal efficiency — without either degrading the quality of the video or adding noticeable latency, yet it delivers rate matched and resolution matched streams to each endpoint while providing industry leading network error resiliency – key to leveraging the public Internet and wireless networks to make visual communication work wherever you are.

The VidyoRouter significantly improves network utilization efficiency by sending along only as many packets as an endpoint is capable of handling, depending on limitations in bandwidth, processing power and screen resolution. And because the amount of processing power and bandwidth available is dynamic, the VidyoRouter constantly tests and recalibrates what it should be sending to each endpoint, ensuring that each endpoint is provided with the highest quality video it’s capable of receiving — even as local conditions change from one moment to the next.

Each VidyoRouter supports up to 100 HD 1080p VidyoLines. A Vidyo-Line™ is a shared resource that enables any VidyoDesktop user to participate in a point to point or multipoint Vidyo conference. Since VidyoRooms and legacy endpoints connected through the VidyoGateway do not consume VidyoLine licenses, purchasing and provisioning a VidyoConferencing system is easy and affordable – however many VidyoDesktop users you need to concurrently participate in calls is the number of VidyoLine licenses you need. It’s that simple.


Product Features

~ Enables every end point to perform up to its potential without impacting others in the conference

~ Industry leading network error concealment – great quality over the Internet and wireless networks

~ Highly scalable – 100 concurrent HD multipoint VidyoLines per stackable VidyoRouter

~ Floating VidyoLine licenses – economical global deployment and redundancy


Product Specification

~ Supports up to 100 HD (1080p) multi-point VidyoLines per VidyoRouter
~ Stackable to scale capacity to thousands of HD multipoint VidyoLines
~ Software-based VidyoLines – buy only what you need, grow on demand
~ Maximizes VidyoLine utilization with “follow-the-sun” floating VidyoLine licenses

~ Intelligently identifies and adjusts to bandwidth and network constraints per endpoint – on the fly
~ Provides industry leading network error resiliency leveraging H.264 SVC standard
~ Imperceptible delay (<20msec) introduced to media streams
~ No transcoding - no video or audio quality loss

~ Provides N+1 redundancy with minimal cost due to floating port licenses
~ Easy to deploy and scale – hours, not days
~ Built-in NAT and firewall traversal software – no additional equipment required



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