Multisuns CL-800 Conference Bridge System

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CL-800 is a reservation-less, totally flexible conference bridge excellent for regular and last minute meetings.  Every of CL-800 unit is available with a virtual conference room that is capable of bridging a maximum of 8 analog phone circuits coming from Central Office, Centrex, or behind PBX, which allows up to 8 participants to converse in the same room.  If two units of CL-800 are connected together using factory-supplied cable and are configured for a bigger virtual conference room, they allow a maximum of 14 participants to converse in the same room.


For participation of a regular meeting, invited persons can voluntarily call to CL-800 on prescheduled date and time. For holding a last-minute meeting or forcefully inviting persons to participate a regular meeting, the organizer can call from the virtual conference room of CL-800 to the target persons.


By default the organizer uses the 0-9, * and # buttons of a touch-tone phone to manage the conference room and meeting activity. If optional Discuss (computer software) and N-port (a small hardware enabling connection between CL-800s and computer) are installed, the organizer can instead use computer keyboard and mouse to manage the room and activity.


Many teleconference participants are actually from within the organization. Using CL-800, calls of these participants can be free. For the participants from outside the organization, they simply pay the same phone bill as they pay for normal phone calls.




* Plug and play: Once phone line connection is done, it is ready for servicing participants.


* Meet-me style conference: Participants can voluntarily join the meeting at prescheduled date and time.


* Last-minute style conference: Organizer can call from the meeting room forcefully inviting participants to join.


* Security lock: Organizer can lock/unlock meeting room to prevent/invite additional participant for participation.


* Password protection: Administrator, organizer and participants are given with a different password.


* Participant screening control: Joining a meeting needs password authentication.


* Entry and exit tones: Distinct entry and exit tones announce the arrival and departure of each participant.


* Audio announcement of room-full:  The voice prompt "... room is full" if the organizer is attempting to call from the room to invite excessive participant to join the meeting.


* Multilingual meeting guidance: Voice prompts in Chinese, English or Japanese are available.


* Audio helps: Participants can activate audio guidance whenever needed.




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